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Doc Savage New Adv Sc Vol 12 Glare Of The Gorgon

(W) Lester Dent & Various (CA) Joe Devito When a desperate caller at Doc Savage headquarters is mysteriously struck down, the only clue is a hideous snake-haired silhouette branded on Doc's wall. The horror intensifies after an autopsy shows that the dead man's brain had been petrified - turned to stone! A trail of cold corpses leads the Man of Bronze to gangster-dominated Chicago and a bewildering maze of suspects, motivations and cross purposes. As more victims pile up, hysteria seizes the Windy City. The finger of suspicion points at criminals and scientists alike. Even toward Doc Savage himself! Publisher: Will Murray/Altus Press
Writer: Dent, Lester
Artist: Na
Cover Artist: Devito, Joe
Page Count: 495
Product Code: JUL162275
ISBN: 9781618272386
Colors: Black & White