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Doc Savage New Adv Sc Vol 11 Secret Of Satans Spine

(W) Lester Dent & Various (CA) Joe Devito East of Nassau lies a strange spit of volcanic rock - a treacherous reef cast up from the bottom of the sea. Why does a beautiful blonde try to lure Monk Mayfair from boarding a steamship bound for that unknown place? Who is the sinister sailor known as Diamond? What is his objective? The incredible answer is found in a remote reach of the Caribbean Sea, and the mysterious thing that men whisper about, and die to possess - the starling secret of Satan's Spine! Publisher: Will Murray/Altus Press
Writer: Dent, Lester
Artist: Na
Cover Artist: Devito, Joe
Page Count: 367
Product Code: JAN161932
ISBN: 9781618272164
Colors: Black & White