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Legend Of Galactic Heroes Sc Novel Vol 07 Tempest

(W/A/CA) Yoshiki Tanaka Reinhard, under his Golden Lion banner, is setting out to bend history and the universe to his will. Meanwhile, with no flag of their own to raise, Yang and his compatriots have escaped the murderous hands of the Free Planets Alliance's government and dubbed themselves the 'Irregulars.' Yang receives word that an Imperial fleet is closing in on the capital of Heinessen, and in a daring move, recaptures Iserlohn Fortress. In the meantime, Reinhard's invasion of the Free Planets Alliance proceeds steadily apace. Standing in the path of the Imperial fleet is a fleet of FPA Navy vessels commanded by the elderly Admiral Bucock. An old lion roars out a life-or-death challenge, and a young lion answers it-the final battle of the Free Planets Alliance now begins! For older teen audiences. Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Artist: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Cover Artist: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Page Count: 224
Product Code: JUN182206
ISBN: 9781421585291
Colors: Black & White
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IST price: $11.19
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