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Legend Of Galactic Heroes Sc Novel Vol 05

(W/A/CA) Yoshiki Tanaka Imperial forces have captured the Phezzan Dominion and draw ever closer to the Free Planets Alliance capital of Heinessen. Yang hurriedly abandons Iserlohn Fortress and heads for the capital to protect countless civilians. Taking out Reinhard is the alliance's only path to victory. Despite the empire's superior numbers, Yang continues to outwit its most resourceful generals via tactical wizardry. Reinhard, on the other hand, seeing through Yang's devices, opts for all-out war. And so, the 'invincible' and 'undefeated' once again clash swords. Who will emerge victorious? Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Artist: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Cover Artist: Tanaka, Yoshiki
Page Count: 272
Product Code: SEP172080D
ISBN: 9781421584980
Colors: Black & White
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IST price: $7.99
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