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Hot Gimmick TP Vol 12

(W/A/CA) Miki Aihara by Miki Aihara Normally, most teenage girls would be beside themselves with joy to have not one but three hot-as-they-want-to-be men in their lives. But such is not the case. Her hunky childhood friend has tried to ruin her life on several occasions, her dreamy adopted brother wants to run off with her, and her cute on-again, off-again ad infinitum boyfriend continues to be the world's biggest jerk. Who on earth will she finally choose? Rating: T+ Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Miki Aihara
Artist: Miki Aihara
Cover Artist: Miki Aihara
Page Count: 192
Product Code: JUN063503
ISBN: 9781421508252
Colors: Black & White
Was: $9.99
IST price: $4.99
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