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Marie Severin Mirthful Mistress Of Comics Sc

Marie Severin was born into a family of artists, and she made friendships in comics that have lasted a lifetime. She colored the horror, science fiction, and war comics of the legendary EC line, and spent thirty years working for Marvel Comics, doing everything from production and coloring to penciling, inking, and art direction. This loving tribute contains revealing and often amusing insights of her close friends including Stan Lee, Al Feldstein, Roy Thomas, John Romita, Jack Davis, Jack Kamen, Tony Isabella, Gene Colan, Jim Mooney, Joe Sinnott, Mark Evanier, and David Anthony Kraft, plus an extensive commentary by Marie herself. Publisher: Twomorrows
Writer: Dewey Cassell, Aaron Sultan
Artist: Marie Severin
Cover Artist: Marie Severin
Page Count: 176
Product Code: MAY121304
ISBN: 9781605490427
Colors: Prose