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Pathfinder Adv Path War For The Crown Part 4 Of 6 (C: 0-0-1)

(W) Richard Pett Princess Eutropia's rival for the throne of Taldor plans to plunge the nation into war to rally the people behind him, threatening to kill untold thousands in a battle not for ideals or security, but pure vanity. From the fortress-city of Zimar, General Pythareus commands the overwhelming army of Taldor, and one of the most ruthless spymasters the world has ever known. Even with the resources of the legendary Lion Blades beside them, can the PCs hope to outmaneuver a faceless conspiracy and end the War for the Crown once and for all, or will Taldor descend once more into a thousand-year orgy of violence? Publisher: PAIZO INC
Writer: Pett, Richard
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 0
Product Code: MAR182727D
ISBN: 1640780378
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