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Intense GN Vol 01 (Of 4) (MR)

(W/A/CA) Kyungha Yi The mafia banishes Jiwoon Kang to live in a secluded red light district among struggling prostitutes, dirty street thugs, and shady drug dealers. He's a quiet man with deadly talents with a knife. The local thugs quickly learn to hate him. To maintain peace, a brothel manager sends Jiwoon to live with a strange local man Soohan. Soohan is a mute. He only wishes to be left alone and help prostitutes in need. The street thugs hate him, too. Both men carry deadly, dark, and traumatic secrets in their past. They may find that their only solace and protection lies in each other. Publisher: NETCOMICS
Writer: Yi, Kyungha
Artist: Yi, Kyungha
Cover Artist: Yi, Kyungha
Page Count: 0
Product Code: MAY161649
ISBN: 1600092276
Was: $16.99
IST price: $8.49
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