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Zone 00 Vol 2 (Of 5) GN (MR)

After sustaining fatal wounds from the mizuchi (Water Deity) Tsukihiko, Shima wakes up in an alternate dimension fully healed by Mayoko. He wants to go back into battle but is told that this is not his to fight. Meanwhile, Senryo takes on Tsukihiko. As if on cue, Benten swoops in an attempt to land the killing blow but becomes injured himself, his arm almost completely destroyed. But when he takes a Zone-00 capsule, something magical happens, something that could change the direction of this entire war... A dark, Gothic tale from the artist of Trinity Blood. Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Kiyo QJO
Artist: Kiyo QJO
Cover Artist: Kiyo QJO
Page Count: 192
Product Code: AUG091061
ISBN: 9781427816054
Colors: black & white