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Zig Zag Vol 1 GN (Of 5)

In a private school only recently open to girls, flower-lovin' Taiaki is a breath of fresh (and gender-blurred) air! Having to room with the stone cold Sonoe Takahara has certainly caused him some angst, but don't fear. Sonoe's twin is his complete opposite, making for a whole mess of fun filled with cute boys and silly misunderstandings. Sell Sheet Keynote: From the creator of Venus in Love (CMX November) Key Selling Points: • Light, wacky, and full of bishonen (beautiful boys), this is a classic shojo in the making • Cross-promotions with CMX manga including print ads, in-manga ad swaps, online contests, creator interviews, etc. • Featured in the Shojo Your Mojo sampler, available at San Diego Comic Con and New York Anime Fest Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yuki Nakaji
Artist: Yuki Nakaji
Cover Artist: Yuki Nakaji
Page Count: 192
Product Code: AUG073985
ISBN: 9781427803085
Colors: Black & White
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