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Yu GI Oh R GN Vol 01 (C: 1-0-1)

Synopsis: BONUS!_Card inside!_(Limited quantity available)__A Wicked Shadow!__It's been many duels since Yugi defeated Maxmilion Pegasus, the super-rich designer of the collectible card game 'Duel Monsters.' But Yako Tenma, Pegasus' protégé, has never forgiven Yugi for his master's horrible fate. To draw Yugi out, Yako kidnaps Anzu Mazaki and takes her to the heart of the Kaibacorp building, guarded by dozens of the world's most dangerous gamers! But Yako's true plan for Anzu is much worse than mere revenge... Call out: TRADING CARD INSIDE! VanDalgyon The Dark Dragon Lord Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Akira Ito
Artist: Akira Ito
Cover Artist: Akira Ito
Page Count: 216
Product Code: JUL091110
ISBN: 9781421530062
Colors: Black & White