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X-Factor Vol 7 Time And A Half TP

As the world's only mutant detective agency, X-Factor Investigations welcomes all cases. No mystery is too weird for Jamie Madrox, a.k.a Multiple Man, and his crack team of strangely gifted compatriots. But while fighting to save the planet and the remnants of the decimated mutant race, the members often neglect the problems in their personal lives. When this negligence leads to a heartbreaking loss, the team splinters. While Siryn throws herself into a difficult new case involving assassination and a seeming time paradox, Madrox has a different agenda. After relinquishing his leadership, Multiple Man begins a journey to find the answers he needs to feel whole again. His quest brings him to the scene of an unlikely crime, where a chance encounter with a crazed gunman and a familiar priest results in a reunion with someone he thought lost forever. What follows is a battle in a strange land, a rebellion whose repercussions may just change the course of mutant history. Is Madrox up to the task at hand? Or has his losing streak just begun? Collecting X-FACTOR #39-45. Publisher: Marvel
Cover Artist: DAVID YARDIN
Page Count: 168
Product Code: SEP090539
ISBN: 9780785138365
Colors: full color