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Who Fighter With Heart Of Darkness TP

The first story in this anthology, 'Who Fighter,' is a play on the legendary 'Foo Fighters,' the nickname given to the mysterious, UFO-like fireballs that were sighted by World War II pilots. An ace Japanese pilot manages to shoot one of the fireballs down . . . or does he? As ominous signs and visions begin to follow in his steps, the bewildered pilot wonders if he's lost not only his memory of the incident-but also his very mind! The second story, 'Heart of Darkness,' is Takizawa's unique take on the Joseph Conrad novel that inspired the film Apocalypse Now. A Japanese war hero, Colonel Kurutsu, has gone rogue, setting up his own private kingdom deep upriver in the jungles of Burma. A young captain, sent to execute Kurutsu, finds that the true reasons for the Colonel's 'desertion' are very different from what he was told. Finally, a short piece, 'Tanks,' closes out the collection with a surreal voyage through one hundred years of armored vehicle battles! • Dark Horse Manga is proud to present the first ever English-language edition of Seiho Takizawa's work! Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Seiho Takizawa
Artist: Seiho Takizawa
Cover Artist: Seiho Takizawa
Page Count: 208
Product Code: JUN060026
ISBN: 1593076266
Colors: Black & White