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Twelve Kingdoms Vol 3 (Of 7) Vast Spread Of The Seas HC

Title: Twelve Kingdoms, The - Hardcover Edition Volume 3: The Vast Spread of the Seas Author: Fuyumi Ono ISBN: 978-1-59816-948-5 $16.99, CAN $18.50 Format: Pop-Fiction Novel, 320 pgs. Volume: 3 of 7 Dimensions: 5' x 7' Genre Icon: Genre: Fantasy Product Synopsis: Rokuta, a kirin, had been transported to Japan in eggfruit form before his birth for protection, but was soon abandoned and left to live in the mountains. At the same time, a young boy in the En Kingdom named Koya was also abandoned by his parents, later to be picked up and raised by demonic beasts. Rokuta and Koya meet briefly at this age. Twenty years later, they meet again. But this time, Koya has come to kidnap Rokuta! Can the En kingdom survive without their kirin? Sell Sheet Keynote: The worldwide bestseller with more than 7,000,000 copies in print! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Fuyumi Ono
Artist: Akihiro Yamada
Cover Artist: Akihiro Yamada
Page Count: 320
Product Code: DEC084266
ISBN: 9781598169485
Colors: prose