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Twelve Kingdoms Novel Vol 4 (Of 7) Skies Of Da HC

In the kingdom of Kei, Youko struggles in her new role as ruler. She's ashamed that her subjects are disappointed in her weakness, and she suffers greatly. In the kingdom of Hou, young, pampered Shoukei watches her father, the ruler of Hou, slain before her very eyes. And in the kingdom of Sai, Suzu slaves away under a scornful mistress....When these three young women set out on their own journeys to find new happiness, their worlds will collide, and a new door to the future will open! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Fuyumi Ono
Artist: Akihiro Yamada
Cover Artist: Akihiro Yamada
Page Count: 356
Product Code: DEC091007
ISBN: 9781598169492
Colors: prose