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Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Vol 8 GN (Of 12) (MR)

After Balgus, Jeda, and Art capture Hikaru, Yayoi decides to unseal Kouhei's 'Kenki' ability. Kouhei has to go through training to control his ability because it is so powerful. And Hazuki, in fear of unleashing his power, decides to leave them. But what about Hikaru? Hazuki has to help rescue him! Sell Sheet Keynote: Cute cat girls, vampires, and psychic mediums! Key Selling Points: • Anime available from FUNimation • '[V]ampires, beautiful ghosts, cat girls, and heaping doses of the supernatural all combine to create an appealing world for the reader.' Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Keitaro Arima
Artist: Keitaro Arima
Cover Artist: Keitaro Arima
Page Count: 192
Product Code: JUN073898
ISBN: 9781595329554
Colors: Black & White