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Trigun Maximum Vol 14 Mind Games TP

Fourteen volumes, almost three thousand pages, an internationally popular anime, and one of the most recognizable characters in the genre: this is the saga of Vash the Stampede. For the past decade, Trigun Maximum has pollinated the manga medium and now permeates the otaku culture worldwide. Now join Dark Horse Manga as we celebrate the amazing conclusion to this epic tale. Running and gunning Vash keeps his trademark wits and savvy fully loaded with both barrels blazing as his enemies draw nearer and his friends hang dangerously in the balance. As the sun sets on this climactic final fight, will it be happy trails for Vash or will it end in a blaze of bullet-riddled glory? Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Yasuhiro Nightow
Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow
Cover Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow
Page Count: 272
Product Code: DEC080073
ISBN: 9781595822628
Colors: black & white