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Trigun Maximum TP Vol 10 Wolfwood

Since the day Vash spotted his decimated soul in the middle of the desert, Nicholas Wolfwood has become a favorite of fans. A man of the cloth with a tortured soul and a past full of bullets, the protector of our story's hero, Wolfwood might just be reaching the end of his pew. Ironically, the past has come back to attack him. And by that we mean Livio, the young man Nicholas once befriended. Livio is more than a match for Wolfwood, having been trained by the same master, Chapel. And now the master and both disciples meet in a deadly face-off, and only one man will survive. But readers are in for more than just one surprise in this climactic volume of Trigun. • Presented in a fashion directly approved by Nightow himself, Trigun Maximum is so authentic that . . . well, it can hardly be more so. Includes facetious inner cover art and Nightow's hilarious back page commentary, as always. TRIGUN MAXIMUM Volume 10 © YASUHIRO NAITO 2000. Originally published in Japan in 2000 by SHONEN GAHOSHA Co., Ltd., TOKYO. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Yasuhiro Nightow
Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow
Cover Artist: Yasuhiro Nightow
Page Count: 240
Product Code: MAY060042
ISBN: 9781593075569
Colors: Black & White