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Tramps Like Us GN Vol 14 (Of 14) (MR)

After realizing that he was once Sali Tayi and having all of his memories, Kim Moon-Bin goes to meet the present Sali Tayi and engage him in a long fierce battle. Which Sali Tali will be the victor-the present one, or the past one? Find out in the final heartracing conclusion to Threads of Time! Sell Sheet Keynote: When high school student Moon Bin Kim dreams, he's the son of a warrior family in 13th century Korea! Key Selling Points: • For fans of Ragnarok and Escaflowne with a unique cross-gender and cross-series appeal Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yayoi Ogawa
Artist: Yayoi Ogawa
Cover Artist: Yayoi Ogawa
Page Count: 192
Product Code: NOV073856
ISBN: 9781598168761
Colors: Black & White