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Togainu No Chi Vol 5 (Of 5) GN (MR)

Akira battles a Line-addicted Takeru, who seems to be energized to an insane, superhuman level. Although Takeru seems to have the upper hand, he then licks some blood dripping down Akira's face, and then begins to suffer from convulsions-apparently an incompatibility disorder to Line. Frightened, Akira flees the scene. Akira begins to suspect that perhaps his blood is causing the incompatibility disorders... Survival of the fittest... and sexiest, in the manga based on the futuristic boys love video game. Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Suguro Chayamachi
Artist: Nirto+ CHiRAL
Cover Artist: Nirto+ CHiRAL
Page Count: 192
Product Code: NOV090922
ISBN: 9781427815859
Colors: black & white