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Team Betty Vs Team Veronica TP

(W/A) Various (CA) Harry Lucey It's the ultimate battle for Archie's heart! Betty and Veronica, the best of frenemies, have been locked in a tug-of-war over Riverdale's favorite redhead for over 70 years. Will you root for Betty, the sweet and innocent girl-next-door, or for Veronica, the rich and sophisticated socialite? Will Archie finally be able to choose between them? Archie's girls go head-to-head in this excellent collection of winner-take-Arch stories featuring two books in one-each half features stories of one girl getting the better of the other, and readers can literally pick a side in the eternal battle of Betty vs. Veronica in this flipbook format graphic novel! Publisher: Archie
Writer: Various,
Artist: Various,
Cover Artist: Lucey, Harry
Page Count: 0
Product Code: JAN161098
ISBN: 1627388702
Colors: Color