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Tactics GN Vol 05 (Of 8)

Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Product Synopsis: Kantarou's struggle against the mysterious Raikou Minamoto and his strange band continues as the even more mysterious Father Edwards returns to the fray! Facing off against possessed actresses and demons from the great beyond, Haruka and Kantarou are up to their necks in trouble, especially when Minamoto's true motives are finally revealed... Sell Sheet Keynote: The various and sundry adventures of Kantarou-a folklore scholar-and his pet tengu Key Selling Points: • The artist is the creator of popular series Detective Loki Ragnarok (ADV: ISBN 1413900550) • Influenced the popular anime from Manga Entertainment • The 25-episode anime was by Studio DEEN, producers of Gravitation, Detective Loki, Kyo Kara Maoh! and more; co-producers of the Fruits Basket anime • ADV previously released the first two volumes (Vol.1: 1413901786; Vol.2: 1413901794)-TOKYOPOP's edition features new and improved covers as well as new and improved translations • A unique, unisex title that will appeal to fans of Full Metal Alchemist-filled with supernatural elem Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Kazuko Higashiyama
Artist: Sakura Kinoshita
Cover Artist: Sakura Kinoshita
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAR083993
ISBN: 9781598169645
Colors: Black & White