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Spyboy TP Vol 05 Spy School Confidential

What IS it about SpyBoy that's so darn cool? The slick costume? The cutting-edge motorcycle? The stylin' goggles? Yes, yes, and yes! But that's not all! He's the only teen that could break into Fort Knox, yet fail his math test. He's "man" enough to take on a gang of thugs armed to teeth without breaking a sweat, yet shy enough that he'd trip over a raisin when he asks a girl to the prom. While SpyBoy is a dashing - and deadly, if need be - secret agent, Alex Fleming, his alter ego, has about as much street cred as your grandmother. But all that's about to change when Fleming runs for...class president?! And there's more than enough for his SpyBoy guise to take on, too, when he, SpyGirl and spy-wanna-be Butch take on the roughest, toughest hombre ever to bathe in the Rio Grande...Hanging Chad! Not a discerning fan of Dark Horse's coolest sleeper hit?! Shame on you! Go out and buy the previous collections, right now, before Peter David smacks you! Only then can you enjoy this newest collection: an EXTRA thick volume that features not three, but FOUR issues of the SB series! Wow! You m Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Pop Mahn
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 96
Product Code: STAR17779
ISBN: 9781569718346
Colors: Color