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Shout Out Loud Vol 5 GN (Of 5) (Adult)

Tenryu and Shino finally consummate their love! Nakaya must learn to be more accepting of his father's new love life. He even visits Shino's work studio for the first time in a long while, and is even being approached by Tsukamoto (the manager) to go into voice-acting himself! Sell Sheet Keynote: Enough romance and angst to fan the flames of yaoi lovers everywhere! Key Selling Points: • Called one of Takaguchi's best works with its unique story and in-depth, emotional storyline • A fun, smart story that provides romance and drama, and a unique insight into the world of Japanese animation and voice acting • Appeals to fans of Gravitation Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Satosumi Takaguchi
Artist: Satosumi Takaguchi
Cover Artist: Satosumi Takaguchi
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAY073768
ISBN: 9781598163209
Colors: Black & White