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Seduction More Beautiful Than Love GN Vol 02 (Of 5

Rating: OT (Older Teen Age 16+) Rated OT for: Moderate Sexuality, Non-Sexual Nondescript Nudity Alcohol Use, Mild Gore, Mild Violence, Tobacco Reference/Use. Product Synopsis: Daoun's class continues to resist her, stressed she stays late after class only to be approached by Ryumin. He acts inappropriate toward her causing her to accidentally cut him. Jealous of them Hayoung becomes more possessive in public. Daoun, completely stressed out by the turn of events, goes drinking with Hyunwoo, just as he's about to profess his interest in her, she passes out from drinking too much. In the end, Ryumin catches Hyunwoo trying to kiss Daoun and warns him that he is watching. Sell Sheet Keynote: Is the new teacher falling for one of her students? Key Selling Points: • Online marketing campaign with banner and viral promotions targeting more than two million impressions; online preview at prior to release • A sophisticated manga that will appeal to fans of Tramps Like Us, Life, and Erika Sakurazawa Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Hyun-Sook Lee
Artist: Hyun-Sook Lee
Cover Artist: Hyun-Sook Lee
Page Count: 192
Product Code: APR084141
ISBN: 9781427806093
Colors: Black & White