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Rozen Maiden GN Vol 08 (Of 8)

Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Product Synopsis: Jun Sakurada is a middle school hikikomori that's found himself master to several Rozen Maidens, mysterious living dolls that are in a battle for survival, and the chance to meet the man that created them, that they call the Alice Game…In the final volume of Rozen Maiden, Jun has finally started coming out of his shell and is almost ready to go back to school, but in turn is turning a blind eye to those that need his attention. Meanwhile, the battle to become 'Alice' has reached a new point in the game, and the dolls are given more information on their youngest sister, the seventh doll Kirakisho. As Kirakisho begins to catch more of the dolls in her web, and Shinku is forced to make a drastic move, Jun must make a choice: to open or not to open? Key Selling Points: • From Peach-Pit, the creators of DearS (vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59532-308-2), a bestseller with 150,000 copies in print (U.S.) • Anime available from Geneon (May 2007) • 'If you ever had an urge to play with dolls without being called a sissy, check it out. One look at the art and you' Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Peach-Pit
Artist: Peach-Pit
Cover Artist: Peach-Pit
Page Count: 96
Product Code: FEB084036
ISBN: 9781427811738
Colors: Black & White