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Rozen Maiden GN Vol 07 (Of 7) (MR)

The Seventh Doll brings about the demise of Hinaichigo before Shinku can save her, but Hinaichigo's Rosa Mystica manages to find its way to Shinku. The Seventh Doll then appears before Suiguintoh and requests Meg in exchange for all the sisters' Rosa Mystica. Could it be that the Seventh Doll desires physical existence? What is the common link between Meg and Suiguintoh? Jun suddenly finds himself rich, and what happened to Souseiseki? Find out what happens in the last volume of Rozen Maiden! Sell Sheet Keynote: From the creator of DearS Key Selling Points: • DearS (vol. 1 ISBN: 1-59532-308-2) is a graphic novel bestseller with 150,000 copies in print • A dramatic fantasy, where toys live a life of their own; imagine The Nutcracker meets Jim Henson's Labyrinth • Anime now available from Geneon • Internet advertising targeting core manga and anime fan sites with more than 2MM impressions for Volume 2 • 'If you ever had an urge to play with dolls without being called a sissy, check it out. One look at the art and you'll be hooked.' -Newtype Magazine Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Peach-Pit
Artist: Peach-Pit
Cover Artist: Peach-Pit
Page Count: 192
Product Code: OCT073818
ISBN: 9781427802217
Colors: Black & White