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Psychic Power Chronicle Nanaki GN Vol 02 (Of 3)

Product Synopsis: Trouble seems to follow Nanaki wherever he goes! First he has a female stalker trying to prove his psychic ability, and then his partner Ao is kidnapped by a crystal gazer! Will Nanaki be able to save him in time? Sell Sheet Keynote: An average boy becomes a psychic detective Key Selling Points: • Ryo Saenagi is the creator of Satisfaction Guaranteed (Vol. 1: 978-1-59816-532-6) and Sequence (Vol. 1: 978-1-59816-091-8) Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Ryo Saenagi
Artist: Ryo Saenagi
Cover Artist: Ryo Saenagi
Page Count: 192
Product Code: DEC073918
ISBN: 9781427803054
Colors: Black & White