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Portable Grindhouse Lost Art Of Vhs Box Vol 1 Sc

Harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the advent of rental videos astonished the movie-going consumer who could only feed his addiction by going to the theatre or watching chopped up movies in bewteen commercials on TV. Like vinyl, here is the revenge of another analog cast-off: the VHS is once again insinuating itself into American culture, and this book celebrates the anarchic design art of those early VHS boxes.The Lost Art of the VHS (Vol. 1) reprints some of the most louche, decadent, minimo-pervo artwork to ever grace a VHS box, featuring such movies as From Beyond, Penitentiary II, Beast of the Yellow Night, Cop Killers, Bay of Blood, Escape from Death Row, and Cocaine Wars. A feast for exploitation cognoscenti, The Lost Art of the VHS is a portable grindhouse. Readers will be agog at the plethora of supertrash movie titles, and then move on to rediscover the anarchic box designs. Throughout, editor and cultural historian Jacques Boyreau succinctly narrates the household-piercing story of VHS: 'On par with the jukebox, disco, and neon, VHS reformatted the worl Publisher: Fantagraphics
Writer: Jacques Boyreau
Artist: photo
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 200
Product Code: SEP090831
ISBN: 9781560979692
Colors: full color