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Path Of The Assassin Vol 5 TP (MR)

It's a battle of ninja vs. ninja, with all the stops pulled out and every trick in the book. Well, almost every trick. Our protagonist/ninja, Hanzo's young ninja wife, Tsukumo, must avenge her father's death at the hands of another shadow warrior, but he's as crafty as they come. This mystical, imaginative faceoff consumes all 300-plus pages of this action-stuffed volume. • Published in the popular pocket-sized manga format, Path of the Assassin packs historical fiction and fine art in yet another classic samurai series from Dark Horse. • Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Kazuo Koike
Artist: Goseki Kojima
Cover Artist: Goseki Kojima
Page Count: 312
Product Code: OCT060057
ISBN: 9781593075064
Colors: Black & White