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Path Of The Assassin Vol 2 TP (MR)

It's not easy being Hattori Hanzo. If he's not teaching Leyasu, the young, future shogun, how to love, then he's behind the scenes, teaching Leyasu how not to die in case of a momentary lapse of protection. If you thought you had a tough job, try taking a pudgy, protected youngster, and making him into the leader who will unite Japan under his single rule. From the creators of Lone Wolf & Cub comes a series about two young men bound to a nation's potential future at a time when Japan was in transition from a warlike feudal state into an era of bureacracy and infighting. Another quasi-historical tale from the masters of Japanese samurai culture, Path of the Assassin shows a side of feudal Japan that entertains with action as well as political drama. • Each volume comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. Path of the Assassin © 1972 by KAZUO KOIKE/GOSEKI KOJIMA. All rights reserved. Originally published in Japan in 2000 by Koike Shoin Publishing Co., Ltd. English translation rights arranged with Soeisha, Inc. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Kazuo Koike
Artist: Goseki Kojima
Cover Artist: Goseki Kojima
Page Count: 312
Product Code: MAY060041
ISBN: 9781593075033
Colors: Black & White