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Path Of The Assassin TP Vol 11 (MR)

Ninjas, samurai, hot lovin', political intrigue, and gold! Path of the Assassin has it all in spades! Hanzo, the heroic ninja for the future shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, has been in some tight situations before, but nothing like the trap set for him by a ninja from a competing warlord's clan! And to settle this trickery, a sexy battle of wits and weapons. Meanwhile, Tokugawa is moving across the battlefield on his way to Japan's future. Path of the Assassin is a pinnacle in (Lone Wolf and Cub creators) Koike and Kojima's fantastic and seemingly unending stable of awesome samurai manga. And as usual, these works don't wane as they draw toward their final volumes! • Presented, as always, in the original, unflopped, unretouched format, Path of the Assassin is a series you won't be able to put back on the bookshelf. • Comes shrink-wrapped and carries an 18+ content advisory. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Kazuo Koike
Artist: Geoseki Kojima
Cover Artist: Geoseki Kojima
Page Count:
Product Code: OCT070059
ISBN: 9781593075125
Colors: Black & White