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Nosatsu Junkie GN Vol 06 (Of 11)

Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Rated for T: Moderate Language. Product Synopsis: Umi, determined to have Naka, takes Naka's mother's suggestion and takes Naka out for New Years Eve. But, Naka gets sick and while Umi's trying to help, Naka's phone rings. Umi goes to answer it and finds the envelope with the information for the Heki job in her bag. As the two of them are yelling at each other for never telling each other, Naka almost tells Umi that she likes him, but Umi doesn't want to hear it yet, and kisses her! Sell Sheet Keynote: Naka is an aspiring young model-and her rival is secretly a boy in drag! Key Selling Points: • 'Things happen quickly, and if you blink you might miss some of them, so take your time and savor every page.' • An adorable shojo perfect for tweens and up • Packed with cute model boys in drag-a manga staple • Will appeal to fans of Hana Kimi (Viz) and Kodocha • Storyline and art are highly appealing to core manga fans-both boys and girls Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Ryoko Fukuyama
Artist: Ryoko Fukuyama
Cover Artist: Ryoko Fukuyama
Page Count: 192
Product Code: APR084132
ISBN: 9781427802385
Colors: Black & White