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Nancy Drew GN HC Vol 14 Sleight Of Dan (C: 0-1-2)

Now you see her, now you don't! Nancy, Ned, and George attend magician Dan Devil's show, and witness his assistant's magical disappearance - except she doesn't reappear! It seems Nancy can't even go on a date without stumbling upon a mystery. In searching for the missing assistant, Nancy goes on a magical mystery tour of Dan Evil's home and runs into a very hungry anaconda! Rather than become snake food, she agrees to become Dan's new assistant. But what if she vanishes too? Publisher: Papercutz
Writer: Stefan Petrucha, Sarah Kinney
Artist: Sho Murase
Cover Artist: Sho Murase
Page Count: 112
Product Code: APR084059
ISBN: 597071080
Colors: color