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My Hime GN Vol 05 (Of 5) (MR)

The Princess Star continues its way toward Earth and even darker forces are now emerging. The HiME are up against the Three Space Beauties in a battle that has all of humanity at stake! Who will come out victorious in the concluding volume of MY-HiME? Sell Sheet Keynote: The hot manga series based on the mega-popular anime by Yatate Hajime Key Selling Points: • Anime also available from Bandai Entertainment • Globs of fan service in the spirit of Psychic Academy and Ai Yori Aoshi • National consumer print advertising campaign and internet advertising targeting core manga and anime fan sites with more than 2MM impressions for Volume 1 • ' a whole new spin to the popular anime story and characters fans have come to know and love. My-HiME is jam packed with action and titillation.' • Shrinkwrapped with Parental Advisory sticker on the front cover Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Kimura Noboru
Artist: Sato Ken-etsu
Cover Artist: Sato Ken-etsu
Page Count: 192
Product Code: OCT073817
ISBN: 9781598168549
Colors: Black & White