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Missing Novel Vol 02 (Of 13) Letter Of Misfortune

Product Synopsis: Confident and knowledgeable, Kyoichi Utsume would be intimidating even if it weren't for his dark and mysterious past-or the ever-faithful presence of other-wordly Ayame. But even Kyoichi is disquieted by the curse that has befallen his friend Aki Kidono. Magic rituals, family secrets, and internal conflict mix together in a wicked brew-and it falls to Aki's friends to free her from her curse and the demons that surround her. Sell Sheet Keynote: An aloof high schooler finds himself in a bizarre world as he searches for his âœspirited awayâ brother Key Selling Points: • Online Alternative Reality game on prior to the release of Volume 1 • A compelling teen-angst fantasy about a boy who is an outsider in the real world but finds a greater calling in searching for his lost brother. • Cross-promoted with the Missing manga series; online chapter previews on • Included in the Pop Fiction '07 sampler • Supported by an online banner campaign on key otaku sites Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Gakuto Coda
Cover Artist:
Page Count: 192
Product Code: DEC073904
ISBN: 9781427800336
Colors: Prose