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Me2 Vol 1 GN (Of 3) (MR)

Aki is a shy, introverted teen mourning the mysterious recent death of her older brother Ken. The pressures of dealing with his death, coupled with parents that don't know she exists-and bullies she wishes didn't-lead to her having mysterious blackouts. Entire days go unaccounted for, and Aki begins to find strange clothing in her closet. Adding to her confusion is that the cutest boy in school is suddenly taking an interest in her! Is she going crazy? Sell Sheet Keynote: An unforgettable cutting-edge shojo series Key Selling Points: • Online banner campaign on prior to and through release month • Creator promotion and event at San Diego Comic-Con July 2007 • Amazing art, very stylized, with a shojo flair • From the creator of SEI Death and Legend (ISBN: 978-1582403342 ) • Online profile with creator background, blogs, art, and preview pages. More than 1MM impressions on • Creator is hailed as one of the best artists in the graphic novels industry for blending style, story, hand drawings, and digital graphic work into a creative, solid, fluid product. Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Sho Murase
Artist: Sho Murase
Cover Artist: Sho Murase
Page Count: 192
Product Code: APR073968
ISBN: 9781427800633
Colors: Black & White