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Loveless Vol 7 GN (Of 7) (Tkp) (MR)

Kio tells Ritsuka that Seimei is responsible for Soubi's scars, so Ritsuka confronts Soubi and asks to see them. Soubi is proud of his scars and takes Ritsuka to see Septimal Moon. Since he is an outsider, Kio is not allowed into the Seven Voices Academy, so only Soubi and Ritsuka enter. What will they find there? Sell Sheet Keynote: Series finale of this bestselling series! Key Selling Points: • From the creator of Earthian • Anime available from MediaBlasters • A NewType USA Book of the Month • 'Loveless is easily a must have for any manga connoisseur and hard-core Shonen-ai fan.' - Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yun Kouga
Artist: Yun Kouga
Cover Artist: Yun Kouga
Page Count: 200
Product Code: AUG073986
ISBN: 9781427804570
Colors: Black & White