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Love & Rockets New Stories #1

Love & Rockets: New Stories #1 reboots the beloved ongoing Love & Rockets comic into a fat, annual graphic novel-length package! Jaime launches the new format with a story that's unusual even for him - a full-on, pulse-pounding super-hero yarn! Maggie's longtime friend Penny Century has finally realized her longtime dream of acquiring super-powers, but at a terrible personal cost. Now she rampages through the galaxy, half mad with grief, and a motley group of super-heroes assembles to try to stop her - led by Maggie's girlfriend Angel and her mysterious neighbor Alarma, and involving a number of characters longtime Love and Rockets fans will delight in recognizing. The epic-length 50-page story (only the first half of the saga!) combines Jaime's razor sharp characterization and superlative art with wildly inventive, Kirby-style slam-bang super-hero action. Then Gilbert Hernandez explodes with a similarly generous helping of his fantastically creative one-shot short stories: 'Tamanny' (rookie cop vs. demonic drug users); 'Papa' (a turn-of-the-century story involving a traveling busin Publisher: Fantagraphics
Writer: Brothers Hernandez
Artist: Brothers Hernandez
Cover Artist: Brothers Hernandez
Page Count: 112
Product Code: MAY083866
ISBN: 9781560979517
Colors: Black & White