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Little Queen GN Vol 06 (Of 8)

Rating: T (Teen Age 13+) Product Synopsis: Even though June tried to convince Sejuru to stay, he gets taken to the Demon Castle where he finds out about the story of the Demon King, the Queen of Light sealed the demon powers of the Demon King by cutting him up and sealing his energy. We also learn that June's grandmother ran away with June because of Yuri's prophecy that if June becomes the queen, she will have the shortest term in history! Sell Sheet Keynote: Jealousies, high school drama, and one cute boy! Key Selling Points: • Filled with gorgeous CLAMP-esqe art and characters you love to hate Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yeon-Joo Kim
Artist: Yeon-Joo Kim
Cover Artist: Yeon-Joo Kim
Page Count: 192
Product Code: FEB084057
ISBN: 9781427802071
Colors: Black & White