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Little Lulu TP Vol 05 Lulu Takes A Trip

Dark Horse is tempted to call Little Lulu the "comeback comic" of the year, but truth be told, Lulu's been a treasured part of the entertainment canon for years! Dark Horse Books is proudly presenting the complete library of classic Marge's Little Lulu comics in a reader-friendly series of affordable paperback volumes. A rascally but good-hearted seven year old with an endless supply of sass, oodles of smarts, and a wild imagination, Lulu is truly one of a kind. From her first appearances in The Saturday Evening Post in the mid-1930s through her current long-running daily cartoon show on HBO Family, Little Lulu is a beloved cultural icon all over the world. Classic comics for children of all ages. Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: John Stanley
Artist: Irving Tripp
Cover Artist: Irving Tripp
Page Count: 200
Product Code: NOV040024D
ISBN: 9781593073176
Colors: Black & White