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La Corda Doro TP Vol 12 (C: 1-0-1)

Every few years, the prestigious Seisou Academy holds a prominent musical competition, and only the very best students at the Academy are allowed to participate. Though all are eligible to apply, only students from the music department actually make it to the competition...until now. When Seisou Academy chose two students to attend an all-star music camp, Kahoko was'nt one of the lucky ones- but that didnt stop her! Working as a janitor on the camp grounds isnt exactly glamorous, but it's the only way to puruse her dream of mastering the violin. But can she really measure up to the ultra-elite musicians at the camp? And what's the story behind Aoi, the weird(but handsome) new guy who seems to know everything about her? Publisher: Viz Media
Writer: Yuki Kure
Artist: Yuki Kure
Cover Artist: Yuki Kure
Page Count: 192
Product Code: MAR101204
ISBN: 9781421533070
Colors: Black & White