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King Of Hell GN Vol 22 (Of 28)

The Sa Gok Leader and his minions find out that Majeh and company didn't intend on REALLY fighting each other. They also learn that Majeh had deliberately tossed the Three Insane Hounds over the ledge in order to save Dohwa. So the Sa Gok Leader tells Majeh to come find him if he can survive a battle with the Sa Gok minions. Never the ones to turn down a challenge, Majeh and his crew spring into action as they battle General North, General South, a serpent and a metal doll! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: In-Soo Ra
Artist: Jae-Hwan Kim
Cover Artist: Jae-Hwan Kim
Page Count: 192
Product Code: NOV084281
ISBN: 9781427811684
Colors: black & white