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Kamiyadori GN Vol 05 (Of 5) (MR)

Product Synopsis: For years, the 'Searchers'-young, genetically enhanced female trackers-were the first line of defense against the Kamiyadori plague. The Cathedral, the organization behind the Searcher program, depended on these girls to give the human race a fighting chance. But the system is far from perfect...and as it breaks down, the tide slowly turns in the Kamiyadori's favor. The world's only chance resides on the shoulders of Jillald and Vivi-the two best Kamiyadori hunters. In this last volume, the climatic final battle will decide the fate of them all! Sell Sheet Keynote: A chilling vision of a virus that is out of control Key Selling Points: • From Kei Sanbe, the creator of Testarotho, a monster hit in Japan • '...stylish, violent manga that seinen and action manga fans will want to check out' • Shrinkwrapped with Parental Advisory sticker on the front cover Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Kei Sanbe
Artist: Kei Sanbe
Cover Artist: Kei Sanbe
Page Count: 192
Product Code: DEC073914
ISBN: 9781427802170
Colors: Black & White