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Indiana Jones Vol 1 Tomb Of Gods TP

When a group of preeminent archaeologists discovers a prehistoric map to an ancient tomb, they have no idea that they will spend the rest of their lives making sure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Now, with Nazis hot on their trail, they entrust Indiana Jones with the map and a cryptic warning: 'Some mysteries are best left undiscovered.' Indy knows that he has to keep the artifact out of the hands of the Nazis, but are his motivations truly altruistic or has he let his curiosity cloud his perspective? It's a race around the globe as Indiana Jones attempts to stop a group of Hitler's Nazi elite from harnessing an ancient power of unrivaled destructive force that has been hidden for millennia in the mysterious Tomb of the Gods! '. . . plenty of mystery and fast-paced action and adventure to keep me salivating for more.' Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Steve Scott, Tony Harris, Bart Sears, Randy Elliot, Steve Scott, Nathan Massengill, Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Tony Harris
Page Count: 120
Product Code: OCT080019
ISBN: 9781595822475
Colors: full color