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Harukaze Bitter Bop GN Vol 01 (Of 3)

Chiyoharu used to be the leader of the troublemakers until one day an innocent prank results in a major fire at his school. When his three other cohorts take the blame and are kicked out of school, Chiyoharu tries to go on with his mundane life. That is, until the mysterious Souza of the North Wind and a self-proclaimed detective fall into his life. It's non-stop comedy and action from there! Sell Sheet Keynote: A delinquent high school student, a creature of the wind, and a detective take on the world! Key Selling Points: • Will appeal to fans of FLCL • Online marketing campaign with banner and viral promotions and exclusive online property profile page targeting more than 2MM impressions; online preview at one month prior to release Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Court Betten
Artist: Court Betten
Cover Artist: Court Betten
Page Count: 192
Product Code: OCT073806
ISBN: 9781427803283
Colors: Black & White