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Hanako & Terror Of Allegory Vol 1 GN

The 'No-mouth Woman,' 'The Man Under the Bed,' and the 'Human Faced Fish' are supposedly urban legends. But what few people know is that just at the moment when someone believes them to be true, they become reality and appear before them! Enter Daisuke Asou, a folklore detective who deals with such cases. He calls these fantastic creatures 'allegories.' What's a folklore detective to do? When urban legends become living 'allegories,'only one person can save the day: Daisuke Asou, the folklore detective! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Sakae Esuno
Artist: Sakae Esuno
Cover Artist: Sakae Esuno
Page Count: 212
Product Code: DEC090993
ISBN: 9781427816085
Colors: black & white