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Get Backers Vol 21 GN (Of 37) (MR)

An all-out war between sworn enemies, the Mariudo and Kiriudo clans, is about to erupt with the GetBackers caught right in the middle. Ban and Ginji continue to struggle against their Kiriudo foes until they are forced to go all out. Will Ban's Evil Eye save the day once again? And when Ginji's transformation into the Lightning Lord goes horribly wrong, his enemies aren't the only one's whose lives are at risk! Sell Sheet Keynote: The action-filled inspiration for the popular anime Key Selling Points: • A consistent bestseller! • Anime available from ADV • From the creator of the Demon Ororon, Asian Beat, and Baku Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Yuya Aoki
Artist: Rando Ayamine
Cover Artist: Rando Ayamine
Page Count: 200
Product Code: AUG073991
ISBN: 9781591829836
Colors: Black & White