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Gakuen Alice GN Vol 02 (Of 14)

Product Synopsis: Mikan is officially admitted into Alice Academy, but things still aren't exactly going smoothly. Natsume still bullies her, her class ranking couldn't be lower, some of the teachers are outright hostile, and she has been forbidden to contact anyone outside of the school, including her beloved grandfather, her only family! Luca even warns Mikan: 'You're being watched by the Academy. Don't trust any teachers including Narumi.' Will she be able to find others like her at the school, or will she be betrayed by the only people who she still trusts? Sell Sheet Keynote: The huge series from Japan with over 3 million units in print following the magical adventures of Mikan and her 'Alice' at the Alice Academy. Key Selling Points: • Aggressive online marketing campaign with weekly newsblasts, constant banners, and online property profile page with interactive games, exclusive art, weekly contests, and preview at through January; includes a widget that launches 20 days before the release of volume 1 and previews a new page each day • Featured at 2008 conventio Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Tachibana Higuchi
Artist: Tachibana Higuchi
Cover Artist: Tachibana Higuchi
Page Count: 192
Product Code: DEC073892
ISBN: 9781427803207
Colors: Black & White