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Full Metal Panic Novel Vol 03 (Of 18)

Chidori Kaname spends her summer vacation doing odd jobs for the student council. Out of the blue, Sousuke Sagara, the world's biggest war nut, invites Kaname to go with him to an island in the Pacific. Kaname is really excited-until she finds out Sousuke isn't planning a relaxing tour of nature, but a high-speed adventure full of thrills, chills, and danger! For example: A scarlet-colored steel demon named Venom attacks a chemical weapons facility, which falls down around Sousuke and Kaname! They discover an enormous conspiracy behind the terrorist attack! And a brutal murderer is now closing in on them! The latest novel in this mega-popular series is here at last! Publisher: Tokyopop
Writer: Shouji Gatou
Artist: Shikidouji
Cover Artist: Shikidouji
Page Count: 352
Product Code: MAR083982
ISBN: 9781427802453
Colors: Black and white